Caveman vs. Barry Sears

1st, the formalities: last nights wod
12 Deadlift (145lb)
24 Abmat situps
500m run

Now the good stuff….Paleo vs. Zone. The on going debate. I have tried both and here’s my 2 cents.

Zone for idiots: eat protein/fat/carb in equal portions at every meal, eat 5-6 meals a day
Zone Experiment: I started turning my diet around with the zone. I promised myself that I would weigh and measure everything for a month….and boy did I see a difference. I cut fat, had more energy during the day, and crushed wods! I did this through my training for the games last year and never felt better.

Paleo for idiots: if you can’t hunt or gather you can’t eat it, no dairy products or bean, eat as much as you want
Paleo Experiment: This summer I decided to give this whole paleo thing a try. I continued to use the zone principles making sure I got a protein, fat and carb at each meal, it was just all paleo friendly. It took some getting used to no dairy or beans, but I did it. I cut a small percentage of fat, but didn’t’ see a huge increase in energy and my wods weren’t through the roof. I was pretty lean and already eating an almost paleo zone.

The way people have talked about Paleo it’s like a religion. My thoughts….I like a PaleoZoneish diet. It works the best for me. I would say that I eat a 90% paleo diet. I do like my cheese and the occasional serving of oatmeal or a slice of bread. And no, I’m not a worse person for it. ha!

My advice….try them both. Keep notes on your wods, your energy level, your body composition. You’ll see trends and what works the best for you. The key is to realize that what works for Kahalipa, OPT, Gillian, Tonya (a few of the top cfer’s) may not work for you. You have to listen to and learn from your own body.

2 thoughts on “Caveman vs. Barry Sears

  1. i've heard a lot of people say that a combination of zone/paleo is the best, most realistic diet. i pretty much went through the same experimental phase as you with trying out each one, and it's true–when starting out on the zone, you see immediate changes in your body/energy levels.

    i started completely omitting dairy and it pretty much worked miracles for my digestive troubles. no more stomach bloating, which is awesome.
    it's really amazing to realize the effects food has on your body.

  2. I've had my best paleo success shifting most of my carbs post workout, and keeping carbs extremely low overall. Granted, it takes about five to six weeks before adaptation occured, and almost every WOD felt like a giant brick wall had fallen on me during the first few weeks. Amen to Kate's advice about what works for one person is not an exact fit for another. Tinker with each and tune to what creates the best fuel. Just think! We have a lifetime of eating to get it right or at least to find out what doesn't work a few million times.

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