Hi ho…Hi ho..it’s off to CFEnergy we go…

A HUGE THANK YOU to Kyle and the whole CrossFit Energy crew for welcoming us into their box yesterday. Minus being put under the gun. Let me explain.

So Troy Bratz and I ventured out of our CFCleveland box to play with the CFEnergy crew in Bath, OH. We show up, get the quick tour and we begin warming up. As we’re warming up Kyle casually begins talking about rowing and asks me “what is your 500m row pr?” I think about it, I know it’s under 150, I say 142 (after reviewing my log when I got home I confirmed it was actually 148)…this will be important later. He asks Troy the same question. We continue warming up, not thinking anything of it. The cfenergy crew starts arriving, there are introductions, and then the hammer is dropped on us.

Kyle asks everyone look at the board…
15 overhead squats
10 burpee box jumps
400m run
3 rounds
Not too bad….. then Kyle drops the “Kate and Troy are going to row for new 500m row PR and if they don’t reach it I’ll be doubling what’s on the board.”
I quickly begin back peddling…I’m sure my pr is really 1:58 or higher. CRAP…!!! I just went from welcome guest to the possibly being the most hated person in the gym.

Ok…I can’t back down in front of my 10 new friends. Troy and I strap in and off we go. Stroke….stroke….stroke…..I’m holding a steady 1:41 pace the first 250. My legs begin burning…1:43 200m to go. Oh no…I’ve got to pick it up. If I don’t PR everyone’s going to suffer. Then the head game starts. 1:46 I’m losing my steam and the chain has never felt heavier. 1:50 150m to go. Everyone starts cheering, and I’m trying to give it my all, but I’m just exhausted. I came out of the gates too fast and I’m running on fumes 1:52 100m to go. I grunt it out and finish strong 1:46.6 (not my pr, or so I thought) and in my head all I can think is I didn’t PR now everyone’s going to have to do 2 times the wod.

Then the jester, Kyle, says “you guys did awesome, but we’re not doubling the wod. I never was going to, I just had to put you on the spot.Now let’s go wod. ”

A HUGE relief comes over me, I didn’t let anyone down. The the reality of having to wod after leaving your guts on the floor hits me. Holy hell that wod felt hard after that row, but I survived and got a t-shrit for my collection.

After the ride back home I checked my log and my real 500m row pr was a 148….I DID PR! Awesome! Thanks for a GREAT day Kyle…I’ll definitely be down to play again.

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