The Man Behind The Curtain…

The famous quote we hear is “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” I couldn’t disagree more. Over the last two and a half years I have worked hard, I have gotten great results, but I have not done it alone.

Behind all my hard work and results stands the greatest coach I’ve ever trained under, Bill Russell, Owner of CrossFit Cleveland.

When I met Bill I had no idea where he’d take me over this 2 1/2 year journey. Our relationship started purely as a trainer/trainee relationship. As I continued my love affair with CrossFit Bill was right there to encourage it all the way. He never let me slack or cut myself short. I wanted to share my passion with others so in November of 2008 I went to my level 1. Bill and his wife Staci were also in attendance, and our relationship became one of friendship. That’s also where I really got bit by the bug so to speak. It was the first time I had worked out with cf’ers outside of my box and I LOVED the energy I felt.

That’s when the competitive spirit came out in me and I started thinking….”maybe I should compete?” I started dropping hints to Bill, and without hesitation he was on board.
He took time out of his day to program special wods based on my weaknesses.
He was over my shoulder the last few reps of every wod pushing me through.
He encouraged me throughout the training process.

6 months later I was competing at the Midwest Regionals!!! Holy crap, who would have ever thought?!?!?!? Bill had devoted 6 months of his life to makeing me a better cfer, never asking for anything in return. When it was all said and done, he hugged me and said he was proud of me. At that moment bill was no longer just a trainer, a friend, a coach, he became family. I could not have done it with out Bill and his constant encouragement and support.

We spend so much time in the CF community congratulating the elite athletes (and rightfully so), but we never stop to think about the coaches that got them there. Be it you’re training at a box, globo gym or home gym, no CFer does it alone. Take a minute today and thank your coach. They work hard behind that curtain to make us better cfer’s everyday!


Yesturdays wod:”Angie”
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats
18:14-a new PR by 1:30, and the previous pr included 30 jumping pullups