Im on FIRE….

I have certainly been slacking on my blog posting, but I have been far from slacking on my wods.

Last week I did two wods with 1rpm’s, shoulder press and push press and deadlifts.

I took on shoulder press first, maxing out at 100lb, over taking my old pr of 90lbs PR 1 for the week. I then transitioned into the shoulder press, 105 went up easy, 115..nothing. 125, now that felt HEAVY, but it went up. onto 135, bodyweight. 1st attempt didnt get much higher than my shoulders, second attempt made it to about eye height. I took a good break, and focused. DIP DRIVE! 135 push pressed overhead! PR2 of the week. I had every intention of moving that into push jerk, but I had nothing left in the tank, so I took my 2 pr’s and walked away.

I came back to the box the next day with deadlifts on the brain. My goal was 260, the elusive 2x bodyweight. I started at 135, 5 reps, 165-5 reps, 185-3 reps, 205-3 reps, then I kept climing by 10lbs each lift at 1 rep. I passed my current PR of 230 pulling a 235….then 245….then 265….I had done it, and it had felt good, so I kept going. 275lbs on the bar, I set, I pull, its slow to move off the ground and it took a good fight, but I got my shoulders back and hips opened. PR #3 for the week! I think it was my new CF Fire socks that gave me a little extra fire! Thanks Jen.

Last week was a rareity, 3 prs in one week. It’s great to know that putting in the hardwork is paying off. Now I’ve just got to keep this pace.