Prepping for "Fran" is like prepping for a baccalaureate party

Saturday I had the brill ant idea to take on “Fran” WHY!?!?!?! many of you are screaming, because I’m sick, that’s why. ha! It had been 4 months since our last meeting, and it was that time again. Preparing for Fran is much like preparing for a baccalaureate party. You know the night’s going to be filled with shots, chaos, fury and you’ll wake up with a killer hangover, but yet you get excited to participate.

I try to get myself into a mental state of “embrace the suck” for what I know is coming at me. 3…2….1…GO! I slam through the first 21 unbroken on to pullups….12…then 9 and I’m back on the bar. 9 unbroken, my legs are screaming, 3 more…drop the bar….last 3 and it’s back to pullups. 6…my forearms are cramping…3….5….1…back to the bar. 4….I’m on the verge of crying or puking, I can’t decide so I just drop the bar. Pick it back up 3…drop the bar…I’m so close…2…on to the last set of pullups. 4…3..1..1..TIME! 4:45 I fall to the floor, forearms cramping, stomach in my throat. I had survived, not a PR, but I had survived.

No matter how many times I square off with “Fran” she wins. You know what you’re getting yourself into and yet you continue. The Fran hangover is nasty and leaves you saying “I’ll never do that again” …until you do.

Thrusters (65lb)

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