What are your dreams made of?

Above you’ll see my dreamboard for 2010. What’s a dreamboard? It’s a visual representation of your goals, and while I rolled my eyes when I found I had to do one, I’m glad I have it. I use it as my background on my computer and it’s hanging in my room forcing me to see the contract I made with myself at least 2 times a day MINIMUM! It’s soooooo much easier to do your daily tasks, even when they seem insignificant, when you are reminded of the long term pay off.

I would recommend getting your goals/dreams, be it a list or a dreamboard, done before 2010. If there’s no accountability it’s easy to put it off til tomorrow, and before you know it, it’s 2011 and you haven’t accomplished anything you wanted to.

Yesterday’s wod
5 front squats (75lb)
10 kb swings (45lb overhead)
15 jumping ring dips
rounds for 20 min

16 rounds with 3 secs to spare.

3 thoughts on “What are your dreams made of?

  1. Hey hun,
    great post today. Its making me think of the my upcoming year as well. Well I just had a quick question for you about the board you created. Not about it but something on it. Advocare?
    I had a guy call me the other day about looking to get involved with them. Since they are not too big on the east coast he said it would be benefitting me to get in on it. Since I saw you had it there on your board I might as well ask you about it.

  2. Kelly,

    I'm starting the use of Advocare products as a way to enhance my training. I'm starting with a basic cleanse to get a fresh start, spark to get off the coffee and O2gold for the extra 'umph' in my wods. I'll be sharing my experience with the products here on my blog.


  3. Hey Kate,
    Congrats on getting started on the Advocare products. I have been using them consistently for 5 years, and that is how I initially lost my first 45lbs.
    You have seen my "fat" before pics, and those prodcuts help me get skinny.
    Now they help with recovery, energy, and general wellness. Taken correctly, you will get consistent and measureable results(kinda like CF).
    Feel free to ask quesions, if you eer have any about how, what, when, to take the products!!!

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