So it’s official…I’m bringing in a new year with a new outlook. Be Accountable!

I am 3 days strong into my new diet and have held strong to an almost paleo zone diet. I had a 1/2 slice of wheat bread this morning. I am also preparing and packing my meals for Mon-Fri on Sundays. It went pretty good today.
I packed 3 different kinds of meals
1. Salmon with broccoli and almonds
2. Chicken with apples and almonds
3. Chicken with fried peppers and almonds
You can see that I use almonds alot for fats, it’s easy and I like them.
Chicken lunches are 3oz and dinners are 4
Salmon lunches are 4.5oz and dinners are 6
Broccoli lunches are 2 cups dinners 3 cups
Apple lunchs and dinners are a full apple, for dinners I added more fats to make up for the block carb difference. I’ve read you can substitute carbs for fat blocks.

For my snacks I’ve created my own paleo kits using dried fruits with no sugar added, turkey jerky and almonds.

My goal is to track my progress leading to the sectionals in Columbus on March 7th. We’ll all see what a strict diet, 3 on 1 off trainig can do in 60 days.

Some starting stats:
Starting weight: 138
Deadlift: 275
Push Press: 135
Back Squat:200
Helen: 9:49
Grace: 4:47
500m row: 146

Today’s wod: Josh
21 ohs (75lb)
42 pullups
15 ohs
30 pullups
9 ohs
18 pullups
Time: 9:16

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  1. Good For you!!!! Go GIRL! I feel motivated to put it all out there…. It's hard to get our clients to believe that we have just as many struggles w/our goals as they do. Good LUCK!!!!!

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