Meal timing is important

Not sure when you should be eating? The easiest way to explain it, other than sleeping, you should avoid going more than 5 hours without eating. You want to keep you body from ‘starvation’ mode. Much like muscle your stomach has memory. If you keep a steady schedule your body will burn the fuel knowing there is more on the way. If you start skipping meals your body fears it wont get food again, resulting in your system to storing the fuel, usually where ever you don’t want it to(hips/ass/muffin top).

Here’s the schedule I eat on:
4:00am wake up
4:30am 2 block breakfast
9:00am 1 block snack
1:00pm 3 block lunch
6:00pm 4 block dinner
8:30pm 1 block snack
9:00pm bed

Today’s Wod: Tabata Intervals
OHS-pvc: 121
Pushups: 65
Situps: 100
DB PushPress (20lb): 81
Squat: 127
Total: 494….stupid 6 reps short of 500!!!!

2 thoughts on “Meal timing is important

  1. Ok, so, if I'm going to be doing my WoD first thing in the morning… when do I eat breakfast? If I eat before, I'll probably puke, if I eat after, it's going to be more than an hour since I woke up.

  2. This may make a nutritionist's head spin, but I would eat right after your wod. I know on Saturday mornings I eat post wod. Unless you know you're going to pass out if you don't eat, try it and see what happens. Worst case is you figure out you cant workout on an empty stomach in the morning. From there I might start with eating your fat pre-wod and carbs/protein post wod.

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