It’s Childs Play

Ever drive by a school during recess hour and see kids double-dutching on the playground? Kids Laughing, giggling, skipping, jumping in and out of the moving rope, truly enjoying themselves, yet all you can think is F*CK jump roping?

I know the feeling. There’s something incredibly funny to me that a child’s toy has somehow been turned into a torture device. Don’t believe me? Try jumping rope for 5min straight. If you don’t trip on the rope at least 6 times, at minimum your calves will be screaming. And if that’s not bad enough, your coach may come to you and say, “now jump once, but spin twice” and you think WHAT!?!?!? That’s right…..double unders.

The elusive double under is a skill that requires timing and persistence to master. You jump once and the rope goes under you twice. Doesn’t sound so hard, jump once, spin twice. So you step up the challenge, you catch it on you ponytail, trip on your shoe or my favorite, miss completely and whip the back of your arm or leg leaving a lovely red welt. And yet you continue to try. Slowly but surely you figure it out, and you get one..then two…then three….then SLAP (welt). It’s the sickness that is CrossFit that gets you to continue trying. It’s that persistence that makes a true CrossFitter. We may not get it the frist time, but we’re sure as shit not going to walk away.

Today’s wod: REST!!!!!
Did do double under practice and strung together 27

One thought on “It’s Childs Play

  1. I love the double under… Last year at this time, I couldn't do one!!!

    Now, after months of practice, I can string about 115 in a row together.

    Keep training hard Kate!!!

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