What do you find at the end of a ‘rainbow’….

Today’s leson: What do you find at the end of a ‘rainbow’? An ugly and sometimes painful Clean & Jerk.

Today’s WOD:
3 Clean and Jerks (105lb) on the minute for 15 minutes

I did this last week at 95lbs and found it quite simple, not so much with 105lbs. I’m amazed how quickly adding 10lbs pulled out my form breakdown. The breakdown, what I like to call “The rainbow” When your pull leaves your body making a nice little arch forcing a nice little hop forward like a “bunny hop”

Not only did my form seem to breakdown, so did my mental state. All I could think about was form….form….form….and how badly I was f*cking it up! At round 7 I wanted to throw in the towel and walk away. By round 8 I wanted to cry, and by round 11 I was determined to finish.

Coach Russell was able to capture a few of the rounds on video that I reviewed afterwards, and realized how prevalent the rainbow into the bunny hop was. It doesn’t feel that dramatic when you’re in the heat of the moment, but boy was it noticeable on the video. Unfortunately video doesn’t lie.

I try to tell all our newbies….you’ll NEVER master it all. Today’s wod is the perfect example. Even after 3 years of crossfitting, I’m still perfecting and learning everyday. It’s the sticking with it for 3 years that can make it seem sometimes effortless.

My new favorite quote: “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better” -Jim Rohn