Filthy Fifty…..ish….

So today I did the make up for missing the Filthy Fifty being that if fell on a rest day for me. I quickly wrote the list on the white board, gathered equipment and dove into the WOD. My goal, sub 25. Well I hit that and then some…Finished in 17:28. I was stoked! I barely took any breaks, and never did less than 25 of any exercise before taking a rest, except for wallballs, because they SUCK!!!

As I sat down to write today’s entry I realized I missed the KTE’s OPPS! So I guess I really did a filthy fifty..ish today. I would hope that I’d still be able to hit that sub 20 mark with the 50 KTE’s, but I guess we wont know until I do it again….CORRECTLY.

The funny part….I thought about NEVER letting anyone know, but then I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach that said to me “how can you feel stoked about a wod that you didn’t even do right?” So I decided against keeping my mistake in the closet.

Today’s WOD: Filthy Fifty..ish
50 box jumps 20″
50 jumping pullups
50 KB Swings (36lb)
50 walking lunges
(missed 50 KTE’s)
50 push press (45lb)
50 back extension (ghd)
50 wallball (14lb to a 8′ target)
50 burpees
50 double unders

2 thoughts on “Filthy Fifty…..ish….

  1. Kate,
    Good job! I think your decision to be honest is a trait of all "true" CrossFitters. We only cheat ourselves when we skip reps and pretend to be a beast. We have a couple people in our gym that skip reps and shorten range of motion so they can crack the leaderboard and everybody knows it. Stay true to yourself and nobody will ever doubt your graduation to beasthood.
    Keep it up.
    Joe Lengel – Rogue Toledo

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