Everyone’s got a goat

My goat…pushups. Over the last year I have worked on pushups, and while they still remain my ‘goat’ I have improved GREATLY! When I started crossfit almost 3 years ago now a pushup was out of the question, pretty much laughable. Over the years I have gone through the scaled versions to reach my ability to tackle high volumes of pushups with proper form. In fact, I do a mimimum of 30 reps a day in the cf warmup.

The key to a pushup is proper form. It’s not the sagging center that you see high school football players, or the mt. peak you see so often. It’s a hollow plank, leading to chest to the deck and full extension at the top.

I do what is known as ‘thumping’ at our box. I want there to be no mistake that I’m using proper pushup form, so when I reach the bottom you can literally hear my chest hit the deck. There’s nothing worse in a competition than hearing ‘no’ from your judge. My goal in competition is to have perfect reps. It may take a few more seconds, but not nearly as many as you’ll lose both physically and mentally from missed reps that you have to redo.

Yesturday’s WOD #1: Chris’s 29th BDay WOD
Row 29 calories
29 Pushups (CTD)
29 DB Squat Cleans (25lbs)
29 Calories on the Row
3 rounds

Yesturday’s WOD #2:
50m walking lunges
100m broad jump
200m sprint
3 rounds

2 thoughts on “Everyone’s got a goat

  1. Sweet. I'm working on pullups, they are my goat. I've got 4. To some, that may be pitiful, but not too long ago I had zero.

  2. I would never call 4 pullups anything less than fucking awesome! It's not about where you are compared to anyone other than youself the day before. Before you know it you'll look back and laugh at 4 pullups….get you some!

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