See that weight? Now put it over your head

The Over Head Squat is one of the most beautiful of the lifts when done correctly.  It takes such extreme body control to take weight and hold it over your head yet alone to drop down BELOW parallel and stand back up.  This lift is truly a total body lift.  Your arms have to be fully extended pulling at the bar.  Your shoulders have to be active and up in your ears.  Your core has to be tight.  Your hips and hamstrings have to be strong and solid.  Don’t forget the most important muscle, your brain. 

While yes, the ohs is physically taxing, it’s also a mental game, especially when you start adding weight. This came into play with me this morning. 

Today’s WOD:
OHS 5×5
use  75-80% of you 1rmp

I start to work my way up with the goal of 105lbs being that my 1rmp is 125lbs. 75, no problem, 95 feels heavy, but good, 105lb..HOLY CRAP! 
How can 10lbs make such a difference, it didn’t. 

Mentally I was thinking:
That’s over 100lbs…over my head…that’s f*cking heavy!!!
What if I drop it?!?!
I can’t do it
I should stick with 95
and other variations of that kind.

And then I took back control over my mind and told it to ‘suck it up buttercup, you’re doing 105!”  And I did.  I took each set at a time, each rep at a time and get ‘er done. And I feel that much more accomplished and confident in my ohs now.

I’ve found over time that your brain will give out miles before your body will. You just have to tell your brain to shut up and keep working.

One thought on “See that weight? Now put it over your head

  1. I love OHS….and totally agree with all of the above! Two years of CrossFit has made me stronger physically, but the mental part is kind of an unexpected bonus. I love your last sentence: “You just have to tell your brain to shut up and keep working” I do that on a daily basis….the internal dialogue that goes on in my head sometimes during an especially challenging WOD is hilarious. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

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