It’s not that I’m lazy, its that I just don’t care

Couldn’t be more true!!!  Motivation, and lack there of is a tricky topic. 

Dheepesh Bhatt a box owner in Mumbai posted this on my Facebook page last night: love your blogs kate..good stuff.. so i gather you do a lot of things n now your learnign a new language..incerdible..friend of mine n i were talking about how you do all these amazing things n here in mumbai people dont even have the time for a 45 min crossfit sesison. i mean they come up with all these   got any food for thought?

My response :

1.glad you like the blog 2. My food for thought in regards to peoples excuses is, they just don’t want it bad enough. For me Crossfit is a non-negotiable. When I hear excuses I always ask, do you make it to work every day? Usually the answer is yes. And the reasoning is that it’s usually non-negotiable. You don’t show …up, you get fired. I look at working out the same way. If you make it part of your ‘non-negotiables’ you’ll do it.  At the end of the day though, all you can do is lead by example, share your passion and hope it inspires those around you to push a little harder.