Ok…so as you all know I, I had a ‘coming to jesus’ moment January 1.  I fully rededicated my life to CF and training for The Games.  I made a commitment to a 3 on 1 off schedule, perfect paleo zone diet and Advocare products.  I took ‘before’ photos and hadn’t planned on posting photos again til day 30, but this couldn’t wait.  My size 4 pants that fit me 22 days ago are hanging on me now.  Down 6 lbs and I’m sure cutting body fat.  The BEST goal never was weight loss, but it’s happening naturally.

How did I do it?
1. Committed to a 3 on 1 off schedule….NO EXCUSES!
2. 100% perfect paleo zone diet
3. Advocare Supplements
 I started with a 10 day cleanse
 I drink Spark on a daily basis instead of my previous 3-4 cups of coffee per day
 I take 02gold before every wod

I wasn’t out of shape or over weight when I started and I’m still seeing HUGE gains and results with a little discipline and a little extra effort.  Find Advocare products here:

Today’s WOD
Row 800m
80 squats
Row 600m
60 squats
Row 400m
40 squats
Row 200m
20 squats


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