Supplement Skeptic No More

For the last year and a half I’ve struggled with the ‘to supplement or not to supplement’ battle.  For the last year I’ve really focused on a clean diet and consistent training.  While you can make some GREAT gains, you reach a point of greed where you want more. 

I’ve heard alot of AdvoCare being thrown around the last few months.  I priced it out, and thought ‘that can’t possible be worth it’ Well, I made the commitment to train for sectionals this year, and with that I decided to take the plunge into Advocare.  I posted a few days ago about the amazing weight loss I saw, well I have an amazing performance story for you today.

Yesterday I woke up, ate breakfast, and checked the main page wod to see what was on the docket. HEAVY DEADS…185LBS and a shit ton of pullups. My stomach immediately dropped, and I knew I had to do it. I figured it would also be a perfect time to experiment with Advocare. An hour before the wod I took 02gold, 30min before the wod I took Arginine and 10 min before I took catalyst.

Now keep in mind, heavy is my weakness (i know that sounds funny, but its true). I looked at the 185lb deads and wanted to cry, this wod was going to take me FOREVER. I made a deal with myself, just finish the wod so you know that mentally you can do 185 in a high..ish rep wod. 3…2…1..GO!

I head into the first 15 having already decided to break them into 5’s, I would have to to survive the wod. 5 done, not so bad, 10 sec break and into the next 5, still not bad. 5 second break and into the last 5.

I headed into the pullups, breaking them into 10 at a time, getting through all 50 fairl quickly. I look at the clock, under four!?!?! that didn’t’ seem right, but I head into the 12 deads, no plan this time.

I reach 5…feel pretty good so I do 6…then 7…and then my head freaks out!!! You can’t do this many, you have to stop, you’re going to get hurt. So I do, 5 second break and finish the last 5.

Onto the 40 pullups, again breaking them into sets of 10. I drop from the last set, I’m under 7…HOLY CRAP! Something’s not right, I’m going to crash…and soon.

Going into the 9 reps I smash through 5, take a quick break and back for the last 4. Onto pullups planning on breaking them into 10’s, but my grip is starting to go. I’m not tired, I’m not in pain, I just cant’ hold onto the damn bar.

I finsih the 30th pullup and back into the deads. 3 reps, quick break and another 3. Back to the bar.

Into the set of 20 I go…5 in and I feel it…FUCK…my palm rips raw. I shake it off and finish the rest in sets of 5.

Back for my final 3 deads….YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME….my hand rips again.

Back to the bar for the final 10 pullups…4…then 3 then 3

Yesturday’s WOD:

15 Deadlifts (185lbs)

50 pullups

12 Deads

40 pullups

9 Deads

30 pullups

6 Deads

20 pullups

3 Deads

10 pullups


My goal was to finish and I had blown that out of the water. The 02Gold and Arginine had made me feel like superwoman. As I told my coach, I felt like I could have run through a wall or two. I will never doubt the enhancement that supplements can bring to a wod.


6 thoughts on “Supplement Skeptic No More

  1. Dwayne,

    I first heard of Advocare when went down to the Fittest Games Challenge at CFCentral in Austin, TX. Their coaching staff is big into the products, and I wasn’t quite sure at that point. I thought I could do it all naturally, you don’t need supplements. I then watched those same coaches sweep their regional taking 6 individual atheltes to the games. They must be doing something right.

    The second reason I started looking into Advocare was Mike Burgner. He endorses the AdvoCare products.

    The reason I decided to take the leap into Advocare was that all of their products pass any drug testing an athlete may face. Drug testing companies are VERY strict about what they test for, and any product that can clear all their scrutinies is good in my book.

    I bought into the advisor side after 3 weeks on the product and the results I was able to see.

    I hope that helps clarify why Advocare.
    You can view all their products here:
    If you’re looking for weight loss, well and trim are good lines
    If you’re looking for results in the gym, active and performance are good lines

    I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have about specific products.

  2. This is my first visit here, but I will be back soon, because I really like the way you are writing, it is so simple and honest

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