Some days it’s just you vs. the gym

When people think of CrossFit they think of community; they think of people pushing each other through a wod; they think of loud pounding music; they think of a coach in their face getting through the pain.  But what if that’s all taken away, except for the music of course?

There are some days where it is me vs. the gym.  No one around.  No coach in my face.  No partner to compete against. Just me and the gym.  This is a real gut check.  How badly do I want it?  How motivated am I really?

With my switch to the morning schedule, I train alone 2-3 times a week which some people see as a negative.  I have to disagree. When you wod alone you are your competition, coach and motivator all while trying to focus on doing the work.  This is where the mental training comes into play.  Many of us focus so much on the physical side we forget that you have to be mentally tough too.  The moment you doubt yourself, your abilities, your strength, you’re dead in the water.

One of my favorite quotes: ‘character is what you do when no one’s looking’.

So try it….find out what you do when no one’s looking.

Today’s WOD: vs. the gym

500m row

7 Thrusters (95lbs)

5 rounds


2 thoughts on “Some days it’s just you vs. the gym

  1. i train in the mornings occasionally. first, i battle with wanting to be in bed. and then, there is the fact that it is just you and the gym. it’s such a challenge. go for you sticking with mornings & being alone. it will only make you stronger. keep up the good work. you help me stay in check. thanks!

  2. Thanks for this. I read your stuff a lot, but someone specifically sent me this yesterday. I never do WODs alone, and I did Annie by myself yesterday. It was pathetic, and I spent the rest of the day mad at myself. I obviously needed that gut check…I need to workout alone more often. Me vs. the gym.

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