Drive, Dip, Scoop, Re-dip, Shrug….f*ck it!

If you’re like me, you’re an over thinker when it comes to learning new things, such as the snatch.  You’re so concerned with getting every little piece of the lift right you’ve got no shot in hell of doing it right.  Am I right?  I know I am.

That’s how I used to felt about the Snatch.  There were so many things to remember I couldn’t seem to get it right.  That is, until I meet Andrew Durnait, owner of Durnait Strength in Wooster, OH.  Last Saturday some of us traveled to Andrew’s gym for a training session the Olympic lifts, and let me tell you… was worth every minute and every cent!

My first error is how I held the bar overhead.  I had my shoulders shrugged up and my arms were pulling on the bar.  Andrew quickly corrected this by having me simply focus pulling the bar a part and dropping my shoulders putting the weight into my traps and upper back, not solely on my shoulders.  It seems like a much stronger/sturdier placement of the bar for me.

The second correction was my source of power….the hips.  It wasn’t a jump off the floor or a strong shrug that got the bar moving up, it’s the power of the hip extension.  The hip extension is the same movement used in a KBSwing. That’s where the light blub went on.  He had explained it so simply.  Once your hips pop and the bar’s moving you want to keep the bar close to the body and focus on flipping the wrists at the top and pulling the bar apart.   

We had just successfully learned ‘the catapult’ technique vs. the three part pull.  Previously when doing the snatch I was thinking about dip, drive, scoop, re-dip, shrug …..and so on. And now all I really need think about is pop the hips, flip the wrists, and I’m snatching better than previously.  All these years I had been over thinking the lift.

I definitely recommend finding a lifting coach around you to give you tips and tricks.  We use Olympic lifts and have a ton of great coaches within the crossfit fold, but lifting coaches are experts.  They have a different perspective and way of teaching the lifts, and something they say may click with you, making your life 100x easier, like Andrew did for me.

 Today’s wod:

5 Front squats on the minute

Max pull-ups the rest of the minute

Rest 1 minute

10 rounds

 Weight: 105lbs

Pullups: 150

And yes….he is THAT tall and yes…. I am THAT short!