I earned my stripes today


One of today’s wods involved double unders, which clearly I have NOT mastered. ha!

So I’ve been told the double under is all about timing and coordination.  My coordination is good, so it must be m y timing.  I have days that I can string 25-30 together no problem, and other days ( like today) i can’t seem to get more than 2.    The downside of missing a double under isn’t just compelete and total frustration, it’s a nice red welt, or several of them. 

The idea that a rope moving that fast whipping against your skin would deter most people, but I guess I’m not most people.  The only way to figure it out is to practice….practice….practice.  I try different ropes, differnat handles, different jump heights, different angles of my arms.  Everyday I get a little closer to consistency. 

I find myself so often looking at the Tonya’s, OPT’s, Khalipa’s of the world and think….’they make it look so easy, I’ll never get there.’  It’s a constant fight I have with myself.  It’s not about what anyone else is doing, it’s about me, and am I better than I was yesturday?  After today’s wod’s I would say yes.  I picked a weakness and I worked on it.   Of course, its always nice to slam through a wod of exercises you love and are good at, but where does that get you?  My methodology: rank all the CF exercises you could see in a wod from most favorite to least favorite; now flip that list upside down, and tackle wods that contain your weaknesses or things you hate.  I guarantee that you’ll get better at your weaknesses, and learn to hate them a little less.

Today’s WODS:

One armed flying Fran
One armed KB Thrusters (36lbs)
Pullups on a portable pullup bar (really interesting to try and kip on an unfixed bar. The top push off that you normally do is no longer efficient and you have to adapt)

Rest 10 min

3 rounds of 75 double unders for time
1 – 2:56
2 – 3:03
3 – 2:25

And yes, my right arm matches my left.