Sherpa Training, ok not really….but it could be

When I think of a Sherpa, I think of a mountain man that’s brought along to carry heavy loads up hill.  I know its more technical than that, but that’s what I think of.  To do this one must have the strength and the stamina to do so.  Ok, so it helps that as a people, sherpas have adapted to the region.  Some of these adaptations include unique hemoglobin-binding enzymes, doubled nitric oxide production, hearts that can utilize glucose, and lungs with an increased sensitivity to low oxygen. But even with all the adaptions, they still have to be strong.

Today’s wod was all about strength.  I got to put heavy weight on my back and moved it.  I kind of felt like a sherpa in training.

Today’s wod: Heavy Back Squats 5-5-5-3-3-3

5- 155lbs
5- 165lbs
5- 175lbs
3- 185lbs
3- 185lbs
1- 185lbs
1- 185lbs

Not too shabby considering my 1 rep max 3 months ago  it was 195lb.  I’ll take it!

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