Somedays you feel like a ‘big fat loser’


Today was one of those days for me.

I warmed up and got ready to wod with the intention of doing 3 ohs (105lbs) and 3 deadlifts (185lbs) on the minute for 15 minutes.  I did a practice round as a timing test.  The goal with doing reps on the minute is to do 20 seconds of work with 40 seconds of rest.  My test round took me 35 seconds.  The ohs’s took much longer than I had thought.  The weight and the stability of the ohs took much more than I had planned on.  The 15 min on the minute wod was better in theory, and I felt like a ‘big fat loser’ for not being able to pull it off.

I thought about dropping the weight, but decided against it.  The goal of going heavy was to get used to the fact that I can do heavy and live.

I thought about dropping the reps, but how do you lower 3?  You don’t! So  today I compromised. 

Today’s WOD:

3 ohs (105lbs)
3 deadlifts (185lbs)
30 seconds rest
10 rounds

Some days your off your “A” game, and that’s ok.  Instead of beating yourself up mentally and thinking you’re a ‘big fat loser’, push through it.  You’ll be thankful you did.  If you set a goal and it seems too much, walking away from it completely will beat you up mentally far longer than modifying the wod.  If I would have dropped to a lower weight, I would have been just as scared the next time I saw 105lbs OHS in a wod.  Now I know it’ll be tough, but do able.

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    But, your wod is eleet.

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