Why I Do What I DO

I often am asked why?  Why do you do what you do?  Why do you train so hard?  Why do you stay so strict on your diet?  Why do you wear oly shoes?  Why….why….why…

The answer (drum roll) is…… because I’m having FUN doing it.  All my life I’ve lived by the ‘if it’s not FUN it’s not worth doing’.  

Let me tell you what I mean.  I grew up playing soccer in a small town in MI, completely recreational.  I moved to OH in middle school, and soccer was HUGE here, so I went out for a team and made it.  I didn’t know much about it, but I was told it was a ‘travel’ league.  That meant you had to be committed to practicing twice a week and traveling to neighboring cities to play.  FUN!  And as it turned out I had a pretty good knack for it, so I joined a ‘club team’ which was much like ‘travel’ but at a much higher level and much more competitive.  This now meant playing for 2 teams, practicing 4 days a week and traveling for games on the weekend. FUN!  My natural ability combined with all the practice brought out my inner Pele and I began to think about college soccer.  That meant scouts, but how do you get seen by scouts, you play ODP (Olympic development program). This meant trying out for a team that selected 21 girls from the state of OH, that would then be given the chance to try out for their region, then giving them a chance to try out for the national team. FUN!  I made the team which meant now playing for 3 teams practicing 5-6 times a week and traveling for games. FUN! With all my travels came the scouts and with that came the D1 soccer scholarship. I  played my first season NOT FUN!  They owned every minute of my day.  From when I got up to when I went to bed, someone else was making my decisions.  I worked so hard for so many years and how could I simply walk away?  It wasn’t FUN anymore.  All those years of hard work and dedication weren’t hard work and dedication to me.  They were FUN, and when it wasn’t FUN anymore I didn’t feel that it was worth doing.

Enter Crossfit 4 years later….

I completed my first wod in the Metroparks in June of ’07 and I was exhausted, but i had FUN, so I kept coming back.  Over time I got more into it.  I got more intense, I got more proficient and with that it became more FUN!  I attended the level 1 cert in November ’08 knowing that with that piece of paper I could train others. FUN!  I also worked out in my first community setting, having your adrenaline pumping, endorphins firing, being competitive again. I had a long conversation with Todd (from MT. who was running our cert) about when do you start competing?  His answer was very yoda like; ‘you’ll just know’.  And by the end of our conversation I knew, competition was in my future. FUN!  I cleaned up my diet, put together a training regiment with Bill and had at it.  I attended regional’s last year, and while I didn’t come out with the result I expected, it was still FUN.

So why do I train so hard, eat right, avoid alcohol, get 8 hours of sleep a night, take supplements, wear lifting shoes etc……because I’m having FUN doing it.  There may be a day that I hit a wall, and CrossFit isn’t FUN anymore, and if/when that happens, I’ll find something else to crazily obsess over and have FUN doing it.


Today’s WOD: Rest