I got hit by a bus this morning

Ok, so I didn’t literally get hit by a bus, but if I were to get hit by a bus I imagine it would feel much like I do now.

With sectionals a short 16 days away, I’ve been been busting my you know what at the gym.  Working heavier, harder and stronger than ever before.  Goal = top 20 in the sectional to get to the Midwest Regional in May.  I strongly believe that crossfit competitions and every wod for that matter are 50% physical and 50% mental.  Today’s wod was a great test of my mental strength, allowing me to prove to myself my strength. 

Prior to today’s wod my 1rep max in a clean and jerk was 125lbs, and just a month ago I barely scraped through a wod with 105lbs clean and jerks in it, and today I was asked to face off with 30 reps at 115lbs!?!?!  1000 things start racing through my mind, that’s efing heavy, I can’t do it, that’s alot of reps.  I decided to start the clock and quickly cover it up. I didn’t want to focus on time and trying to rush through the reps, leading to missed reps.  When I start missing reps I start 2nd guessing my ability and my strength leading to more missed reps, and a possible situation of having to drop the weight, and mentally setting myself up for fear the next time 115 c&j’s are in a wod.  So today I wanted to finish at 115lbs to prove to myself that I could, and I did just that. 

I finished just shy of 20 min, but more importantly……I had finished.  Now that I’ve proven to myself that I can do it, the next time this wod comes around I know I’m strong enough to do it.  I didn’t miss a single rep that I attempted proving to myself that my technique is working and is solid when I’m mentally focused.  I also held each rep in full lock out for a 2sec rep count so that my body and mind felt strong and confident under the weight.  I consider today’s wod a HUGE mental victory. Unfortunately my body is paying the price. HA!  What’s the famous quote “pain is weakness leaving the body”?  If that’s true, I have ALOT of weakness leaving my body right now.

Today’s WOD:
Heavy Rowing Grace
500m row
10 clean and jerks (115lbs)
3 rounds


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