Year over year

I show up at the gym day after day pushing myself as far as I can. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers on the clock, the weights being used in a wod etc that we can lose sight in the progress were making. I had this realization at the gym today. The last few weeks has been driving towards sectionals. Getting used to working heavy and hard. I decided to take on a ‘Man Fran’ today.

This time last year I was still chasing the thought of doing a Man Fran. I was doing Fractured Man Fran broken down by 12-9-6 and 15-12-9 leading up to my first Man Fran. My only goal that day was to finish. I got all charged up, the music was blairing, and my coach was in my face the entire time. Breaking it into 7-7-7 taking 40 second breaks to recover for the next set. It was all very gamed. The second set of thrusters was 5-5-5- with 30 seconds in between, and the last set of thrusters were 3-3-3 with 30 seconds in between. Pull-ups weren’t gamed, I just got them done. I finished in 9:38 and was left in shambles on the floor.

Today’s Man Fran, almost 8 months later was quite different. I wasn’t afraid of the weight, I wasn’t psyched out by it, I was on a mission. I didn’t have a coach with me gaming me through the wod and motivating me. I did however have some loud rocking tunes, don’t want to be without those. Ha!

3….2….1…GO!!! I clean up into my first rep..7…20sec rest…7 reps…20 sec rest…7 reps and into the pull-ups. I get through the pull-ups and head back to the bar, clean it up and knockout 5 reps…20 sec rest…5 reps…30 seconds rest….last 5 and back to the bar. Through the pull-ups and back to the last 9 reps broken into 5…15 sec rest and grunt through the last 4. 9 pullups straight through….TIME!!!! 6:45 an Full 3 minutes and 8 seconds faster than a year ago.

I had achieved several things with that wod; yes, I did it faster, but even more than that I did it without a rack, without a coach and without fear. For me that’s some pretty good progress year over year.

Today’s WOD:
Man Fran
95lb Thrusters


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  1. That is freggin’ awesome, but I don’t have to tell you that. 😉

    Without a rack, without a coach, and without fear. It sounds like you have the mental game hammered down. IT’S ALL YOU BABY!

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