Life lessons learned from CrossFit

This semester I’m tackling Corporate Finance, and boy oh boy is it kicking my you know what. I’ve had  many successes in my life and I like success, and when I fail it hits me hard.  I feel like a big disappointment, I feel like I’m letting everyone around me down, and I want to crawl in a hole and never come out. And it’s not that I’m failing, it’s that I feel like I’m going to. That’s VERY unnerving and unsettling. Sunday as I sit in front of my book crying feeling hopeless my father said something that made it all make sense (which I hate to admit by the way)

My wise and all knowing father: “Have you always been able to back squat 195lbs 3 times?”
Me: “No”
My wise and all knowing father: “Exactly. Right now your 195lbs back squat is Corporate Finance. It’s heavier than hell and you feel like it’s NEVER going to hapen, but keep working and over time, you’ll get there. And when you do, you’ll look back and feel more accomplished for having earned it.”

The rain stopped pouring down, the clouds parted and I think I even saw a little bit of sun. I put together an attack plan and I feel reenergized to take on Corporate Finance, and all it took was a simple CrossFit analogy. I have learned so much more from CrossFit than moving heavy weight far distances.

Through CrossFit I’ve learned;
• If you’re strong enough to start it, your strong enough to finish it
• Mentally you can push through pain and suffering to reach a goal
• You may feel weak today, but if you stick with it you’ll be strong tomorrow

For that I have to thank Coach, the community and my box.

I know it sounds cheesy and corny, but it’s true; crossfit pushes you to you limit and a little bit further, and those same principles can be applied to your everyday life, school, work, you name it. It’s not failure that defines you, it’s what you do after that defines you.

Today’s WOD:

Front Squats
3-165lbs (NEW PR-old pr was 165lbs by 1)