Sectionals….not exactly smooth sailing

For those that don’t know already I finished 12th overall at this weekend’s sectional at the Arnold Classic, but it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, let me explain.

So my joyous adventure leading up to this event started sliding down hill 4 weeks ago when a newbie at CFCleveland broke my hand when he shook it….literally.  We offer free classes every Saturday, and being the good trainer/cf representative I like making every one fell welcome.  So I did what I always do, introduced myself and offered my hand.  I guess he felt he has something to prove, and he did, he proved he was the ultimate d-bag.  So for 4 weeks I’ve been training with a sprain and hairline fracture in my right hand.  It hasn’t stopped me from doing anything per say, I’ve just dealt with it.  The only other choice was complete rest for 4 weeks to let it heal.  Sorry doc…I aint got that kind of time.

The Monday before sectionals I woke up with the stomach flu….awesome.  I got to spend Mon-Tues before sectionals praying to the porcelain gods.  Water barely stayed down.  All I could think was, “sectionals is in 6 days and I’m effing sick, you have to be kidding me. “  My only worry was to get back on solid foods as quick as possible.  I knew my body was going to need every bit of energy it could get.  By Wednesday night I was back on solids and feeling pretty good about it.  I began feeling up about the situation again, then……

I woke up Thursday with a sore throat.                  YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  How can it possibly be, I’m sick…again…I was just sick with something else….what the…   I began slamming airborne, Dayquil, spark, rehydrate, anything I could to keep myself moving.  I was still eating solid so I knew my body was getting good nutrients, but my energy level was in the toilet.  I was trying to keep a positive attitude, but knowing what I had to do on Sunday I knew that being sick wasn’t good.

Saturday night arrived, I’m dead on my feet by 8pm, slam some more drugs and pass out for the long day of sectional competition ahead of me.  Sunday morning rolls around; alarm goes off, immediately I begin hacking.  My lungs are full of grossness making it difficult to breath, my head is throbbing and all I want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep….but no….I have to go compete.  So I take some Dayquil with my normal morning regiment of pills and head to check in…..story to continue tomorrow

5 thoughts on “Sectionals….not exactly smooth sailing

  1. drats!!! I was hoping you would continue NOW.
    A crossfit newbie here-not of the d-bag variety. I have been reading up on your posts since Bill linked them in the newsletter. Just wanted to say that you are one hell of an inspiration. Your drive and dedication is incredible.
    And, of course, nice job kicking arse at sectionals.

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