WOD 2 – Getting Ready for War

At least that’s what it felt like.  As if workouts are challenging enough, try doing them with a 15lb weighted vest.  That makes sense….  

7 deadlifts (155lbs)
11 burpees
Wearing a 15lb vest
5 rounds

After my power nap and the spoonful of honey and spoonful of peanut butter I tried to pump myself up for the second wod.  I’m feeling better than pre-nap.  People are telling me I’ve color again in my face, and I’m feeling positive about the next wod.  All I can think is “I’m in 8th, I don’t have to win,  I just have to maintain.”

Our heat is up and it’s time to strap on the vest.  I feel like I’m going to war wearing my swat team vest.  And holy crap does 15lbs feel like a lot.  I do a few practice burpees and deads with the judge, just to confirm we’re on the same page with standards.  I’m beginning to feel less than enthusiastic about this wod.  Every time I slam into the ground for a burpee my stomach gets a little closer to my throat.  I try to zone it out as the countdown comes….3..2…1…GO!

First set unbroken and into the burpees, I’m feeling good.  I can see the girls around me in my periphery and I’m with them.  I get back to the bar again unbroken and into the burpees…starting to feel it.  Third round 4..drop the bar shake my arms and 3 more.  The burpees are getting slower, but  I force myself to keep moving.  I can hear myself training our members at the gym “ You don’t have to go fast,  just don’t stop” Is that normal to hear yourself training yourself? 

Fourth round sucks, and the fifth round felt horrible.  The only think keeping me going is the light at the end of the tunnel and know that afterwards I would have enough time to nap in my hotel room, in a real bed, with a real pillow, and amazing bedding.     8 left…7….6….All I want to do is take a break, but I just gut them out.  I drop to the ground afterwards and instantly there are 3 judges on me to get me out of the vest. 

It felt so joyous to get out of the vest I wanted to hug each judge, but I’m so exhausted I simply mutter out a weak ‘thank you’.  I compose myself and get off the competition floor fairly quickly….why…NAP TIME…..GLORIOUS NAP TIME!!!   I throw all my stuff into my bag and off I go without forgetting one very important thing….my mother.  I make her come along with me so that I don’t over sleep.  At this rate I’ve got two more wods and the creepy crud living in my face and chest aren’t very happy about it.

 I get a good 30min nap in and I feel like whole new woman, even a little perky.  I take another dose of Dayquil and head back to the arena.  Results are up….13th….CRAP!  I had lost a lot of ground and realize that this next wod I’m going to have to make that up.  Continued tomorrow…..

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