WOD 3: Row…row…row your boat

WOD 3:
500m row
15 overhead squats (65 lbs)
500m row
15 toes to bar

As I sit in 13th place, I know that I can’t afford to lose anymore ground.  As we’re waiting in queue I can hear other girls discussing their game plans.  “I’m going to pace a 1:42” I’m going to pace a 1:50”  I know in my head that rowing SUCKS its in the top 2 of I would rather but a pen in my eye than do list.  My goal, try to maintain a 2:00 row each round and blow through the ohs and t2b.   I know that if I shoot for a much faster pace I’ll burn out and it’s over.  3…2…1..GO….

I get the chain moving,  and settle in with a nice 1..1-2.. cadence.   I’m pacing a 1:55 and feeling good, but I know that I’ve get 3 more of these things, so I back it down to 1:58.  It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, or how fast their going.  I need to stick to my game plan.  I hop off the rower and it’s the 15 ohs at 65lbs.  I snatch it up and complete them unbroken.  My second one was a little wobbly, but I corrected that quickly.   Back to the rower….CRAP! 

I pull out at a 1:58 pace, and slowly start tapering off….2:00….2:04….2:10….2:12….and then….the unthinkable.  My stomach comes up into my mouth and I have a choice to make…let it out or fight it back down.  I opt for fighting it back down losing some time, but not nearly as much time as I would have lost had I stopped to get sick.  I’m back on pace at a 2:02 which I’ll take considering….

Onto the toes to bar.  I slam through the first 10, no problem, drop off the bar and I’m quickly back on http://vimeo.com/10097201 to finish the set only to….that’s right….row again.  My body is hating me at this point, but I fight trough because there is no other choice.  I keep a 2:04 pace, not where I want, but its my 3rd row, I know I have one more.  Off the rower and onto the ohs.  I snatch the bar up and start my set. 5 in my legs start burning…stupid rower….I stop at the top shake and keep going.  I do not put the weight down even though I’d really like to.  15….then back to the rower.   Only this time I’m doing a little happy dance inside because I know its my last row!  I keep a 2:04 pace and its off to the t2b.  8 unbroken….4….3…TIME!  12:47

I quickly b-line for any bathroom I can find…I would have gone into the mens, I didn’t care.  My stomach was coming out and there was no stopping it.  I compose myself and return to the venue to find out that I’m in 10th overall.  I had finished that wod 7th overall.  How did that happen?!?!?!  I have nooooo idea, but I’m stoked.  I’m feeling good about qualifying; I’m not feeling so good about another wod.  I’m physically exhausted, mentally exhausted, I haven’t eaten all day and I have to do another wod?!?!?!  But I figure it can’t be any worse than that rowing wod…..boy was I wrong…I’ll explain tomorrow

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  1. Kate,

    Great blog posts. I’m loving reading about your experience. What a story! Just imagine what you’re capable of when healthy!!!!

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