Final and 4th WOD: Can I just go home?

Being the 7th to finish the days previous wod I jumped from 13th to 10th.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this wod is going to be the worst of them all, and I’m physically, mentally and emotional spent, and I have to find some more to get through this.  The wod is announced;


Clean & jerks (105lb)
Box jumps (20”)
40 yard sled pull (75lb)

I’m on the verge of tears.  I don’t want to do this.  Can I just go home?  And then I snap back into reality.  I’m in 10th place, Chastity Slone already has a spot, so for qualifying purposes I’m in 9th.  All I have to do is finish the wod and I’ll qualify.  I’m so close, too close to walk away now. 

I know that the pull-ups and box jumps are strengths for me, but I’m nervous about the clean and jerks.  Not because it’s heavy and I can’t do it, but because I’ve already done 3 wods, I haven’t eaten all day, I’m mentally checked out and its taking every bit of my being to not just ‘disappear” hoping that no one would notice.  Of course….I don’t do that….I take my place on the floor  3…2..1…GO! 

I decide to do sets of 5, they feel pretty good.  6-10 feel a heavier and the 11-15 are HELL!  And that’s just my first set….eeeeekkkk.  I get into the pull-ups…15 straight through onto the box jumps. I keep a nice steady pace making up lost ground, and it’s back to the c&j’s.  1, 2…3…by 6 all I can think is OH MY GOD….  I’m feeling completely spent.  I’m wishing it were over.  I don’t want to do this anymore, then the sky parted and I was sent two angels….Brian Yoak and Doug Chapmann.  It was my saving grace….litterally.  Brian was giving me tips and motivating me to pick the bar up.  Doug was in my face giving me no wiggle room for rest.  I AM THANKFUL to have 2 such amazing and wonderful  coaches & friends in my life.  I wanted to scream back at them “I’m tired”  “I’m sick”  “you do this”  But I don’t, I know they have my best at interest.  Not that I wouldn’t have made it through, but it would have been a lot tougher.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO BRIAN YOAK AND DOUG CHAPMANN for helping me get through that 4th wod.  I’m truly grateful & thankful  to have you in my life.

It was UGLY to say the least.  My pull was high, but  there was a disconnect in pulling under it, making my reps much more difficult.  I fail a few, I want to cry, I want to walk away, but I keep moving forward.  1 rep at a time is all I keep trying to tell myself.  It wasn’t very comforting.  I have no idea, but I manage to get through the 12 reps and I’m back to the pull up bar 8 then 4.  Onto the box jumps, 12 straight through.  Part of me wanted to do them slower because I knew I’d be back to the cleans and I did NOT want to back at the cleans. 

9 reps is all that stands between me and finishing.  Just 9 reps.  I can do this.  I rep one rep out at a time.  Everyone feeling a little more impossible than the next, but I make it through.  9 pullups straight, 9 box jumps unbroken and it’s off to the rope pull.

I sit down and start pulling.  Hand over hand pull….hand over hand pull…..I would swear on my life that the weight wasn’t moving.  My forearms are on fire, and I hear, you’re half way.  Suddenly everything is zoned out and the weight seems to fly across the floor.  2 more good pulls and I get to collapse. 

All I can think is THE DAY IS OVER. THANK GOD THIS DAY IS OVER!!!!  I had survived and I had qualified.

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