What are you willing to sacrifice?

It’s an important question and one that I have had to ask myself and seriously consider this last week.  I started out the year training harder than normal, eating a clean diet and woding 3 on 1 off with the goal of sectionals.  I had committed to 60 days as a test to see what happened.  And what happened?  I got leaner, I got stronger and I felt pretty damn good. (minus the sick week I had)

I headed into sectionals with zero expectations, yes zero.  All I was worried about was doing my best, and being happy with that.  And gosh darnit, I qualified for Regional’s; awesome!  But that meant thinking about, ‘what do I want out of regionals?” 

I had to really think about this.  I work a 9-5, I coach at the gym, I’m in school and I have to train myself for competition.  My head started spinning.  I know how hard other women are/will be training.  Do I really have that kind of time?  Can I afford that much energy without crashing?  I had a heart to heart with my coach on Saturday and we decided to train for top 20.  Taking all the things going on in my life, maybe it’s more important to maintain your sanity, life, etc. and I was comfortable with that. 

But….as time passed, and I started thinking about the opportunity I have, my thinking changed.  I have qualified for regionals, why would I waste that?  Who knows where I’ll be next year?  Do I really want to be able to look back and wonder ‘what would have happened’?  I called shenanigans on myself.

I have a chance to train harder than I ever have in my life with a goal at the end, regionals.  So yes, I’ll have to make some sacrifices.  No late nights with friends, no chocolate cake, no shots at the bar, no couch potato days, no slacking.  It means I’ll be on a tight schedule (that I call the regiment) for the next 7 weeks.  While I’m getting pressure from those around me that I’m sacrificing too much, but to me, it’s not sacrifice.  It’s determination, its focus, its desire and passion.  I know I’m not ‘normal’ and I’m ok with that.   For me, the benefits of what I’m doing are far more important than the perceived ‘sacrifices’ I’m making.

Think about what your goals and ask yourself “What am I willing to sacrifice?” 

The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.  – Charles DuBois

Today’s WOD:
3 Clean & jerks (105lb) and 1 deadlift (185lb)on the min for 15 min
In the 15th min do max deadlifts for the remainder of the min (I got 10)

I’ll tell you what….105lbs when you haven’t already done 3 wods and you’re not sick….WAY EASIER!