Some days you have to be normal

St. Patrick’s Day is like Christmas in Cleveland.  Business close, kids get pulled from school and the city comes alive, and that’s a fun chaos to be a part of.  

  • Yes, I had A green beer in honor of the day
  • Yes I ate corned beef
  • Yes I ate ice cream….and it felt good.  For a few hours yesterday I was ‘normal’ according to my friends.

Today however, it’s back to the regiment, back to being a ‘freak,’ back to preparing for regionals.  With so much focus on training hard, eating right, getting enough sleep, mentally preparing, stretching….and on and on and on and….it’s easy to zone out everything else in life that’s important; friends, family, work, school, relaxing, destressing etc.  Being normal for a day allows me to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and appreciate all the hard work I put in.