Arrived: 2:43 pm on Thursday, March 18
Weight: 30lbs
Name: Drac

Drac? Short for Dracula…no not the vampire, the ruler. He is one of histories more notorious and vicious rulers known for using some of the worst known forms of torture known to man. I thought only an appropriate name for my new ‘toddler’. I had a chance to break in Drac earlier today, and I tossed it quickly after the wod. Some might think that throwing a toddler is child abuse, but the reality of the situation is….it was parental abuse.

Today’s WOD
15 sec max pull-ups; 45 sec rest
25 sec max burpees; 35 sec rest
8 rounds = 16 total minutes

Pullups: 10-10-11-10-7 (tore my hand)-5-8-7
Burpees: 12-11-10-11-10-11-10-11

And as if it’s not hard enough, I completed it all wearing ‘Drac’ (a 30lbs vest-but today I only used 20lbs)