Strong and Beautiful

I had the joy of joining my father at a ‘Globo gym’ yesterday.  I had heavy front squats and deadlifts and I didn’t want to lift heavy at the gym alone, so globo it was.  It’s always an exciting experience to walk into the weight room where all the ‘tough guys’ hang out repping out bicep curls, leg presses and my favorite….tricep kickbacks.

I proceed to complete the Burgner warm-up and boy does that get some looks, and I’m not even using any weight.  I know they’re info a treat. Ha!  I’m 5’2” and weigh 130ish and I’d say I have a pretty good physique so all the boys want to help me out because of course…I’m a damsel in distress and they’re big and strong.

I actually had a guy ask me if I needed a spot as I loaded up a 95lb front squat.  I politely smiled, said thanks, but let him know I was ok.  In my head all I can think is…this is my warm-up weight.  As I complete my warm up set I can see he’s no longer concerned about me.  I make my way through my 3×5 maxing out at 165lbs which is a PR!!! (the last time I did a 1 rep max in December it was 155 x1  WHOOP WHOOP!) 

That same ‘can I help you guy’ now drops the ‘damn girl…you’re strong and beautiful, will you marry me?”  I giggle like a little school girl because; 1- I hit a PR and 2-it’s always flattering to get hit on.
One of my favorite side effects of CrossFitting is the physique that it creates.  It is not the reason I started CrossFitting, it is not he reason I continue CrossFitting, but I’ll tell you what….it’s a damn nice side effect!!!

Sunday’s WOD:
Front Squat 5×3
1 – 125
2 – 135
3 – 145
4 – 155
5 – 165

Deadlift 5×3
1 – 185
2 – 225
3 – 245
4 – 255
5 – 265 x1.5…I was pretty spent

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  1. All I can say is f@#$ing cool!!! I love doing that to folks, they take one look a misjudge me about something and then I get to blow them away! Oh yeah, it works for me!

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