You’re cool, you’re cool, screw you, you’re cool..…I’m out!

And in case you’re confused, the screw you is dedicated to my coach, Bill Russell, and that’s in the kindest way possible.  Do you ever have those days where you just have a few choice words for your coach?  Today was one of those days for me.  First, you have to see what the wod is, then we can discuss why it was one of those days.

Today’s WOD:
Deadlifts (50% 1rpm- 140lbs)
Row for Calories

Rest 3 min then do

Over Head Squat (50% of 1rpm – 65lbs)
Row for Calories

Total: 15:58

Now, this wod doesn’t look bad on the board, which in CrossFit speak if you think “that’s it” you know you’re screwed!  The easier it looks on the board the harder it is.

3…2…1…GO!  The first 9-15-21 go smoothly and almost completely unbroken.  That last set of deads I broke into a 15 and 6.  I also discovered that 1 calorie on the rower is equal to 2 good pulls.  So no longer worried about reps, I just counted pulls.  Anything to pass the time being that my hatred for the rower has never lessened.    REST…..glorious REST…..

3…2…1…GO!  At this point my legs are beginning to feel heavy, but I get through 14 then 7.  Not because of my legs, but because I didn’t allow the weight of the bar to sink into my shoulders, I was holding too much of  shrug.  Onto the rower, by 9 calories I know this is going to suck.  I keep my 2 pulls for 1 calorie pace and hit 21, that’s when the reality of the situation hit my legs.  OUCH!  I literally hobbled back to my bar like an old man with a cane, but I get through the next 15 unbroken and hobble back to the rower.  I know I’m so close to finishing that I do my best to drown out the ‘little killer’ on my shoulder telling me that a little break won’t hurt.  TIME!!!!!  I don’t collapse to the ground in exhaustion; I collapse to the ground because my legs hate me.  There fore leading to me hating Bill, which I think is a good thing.

That means that he got me to push harder than the day before, or made me work on a weakness.  Two things I’ll be thankful for in 6 weeks at regionals, but in the heat of the moment I pretty much hate him.

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