GI Jane on Crack

This morning as I review the WOD I can’t believe how evil Bill is:
5 Rounds for time
Run 1 mile
50 Kb Swings
50 Ball Slams

What goes through my mind?  That’s f*cking brutal!  If that’s what the members are doing, WHAT AM I DOING?  I fearfully scroll down….and there it is…..APRIL FOOLS!

He had totally gotten me.  Is it bad that I didn’t even question the reality of the wod, just how bad it was going to suck for everyone?  Ha!

And there it is…..150 Burpee Pullups for Time…..NOT an April Fools, totally serious.  I had done G.I. Jane before  and I thought that sucked.  And now I was going to have to do 50 more reps.  I look at my hands and wish them luck.  I can pretty much guarantee that my hands are going to look like meat after this wod.

3…2…1…GO!  The first 20 feel great, and I’m on a great pace, but then the reality of 130 more reps set in;  holy crap!  I get through the first 100 in 12:00 minutes even, and I was blister and tear free so far.  I know I’ve got to keep moving or I’ll never make sub 20.  10 at a time I chip away at them.  The battle in my brain starts, your tired no one’s looking, just take a break…, what would your members think of that…..its just a little break….shut up and just do it won out.  18:09 and I’m done.  Tear FREE, but I did get a small blister that didn’t split, I’ll take it. 

Today’s WOD: I’m calling it GI Jane on Crack
150 Burpee Pullups for Time