This S*ht Works !?!?!?

Ok, so I had my second MAT (muscle activation technique) session with Joel Woods on Wednesday.  He was kind enough to share some of the videos with me, and holy crap.  The difference he was able to make in a week is mind blowing.  The video I’m sharing with you is of a simple air squat. The only rule I have to follow is: use a neutral foot.  What does that mean?  NO, and I mean NO movement in the ankle or feet. (try it, it’s really freaking hard) 

When doing a neutral foot squat, you realize just how much you rely on your ankles and feet to stabilize you.  The bad part for me is my ankles were given a BIG RED FLAG for lack of flexibility from multiple breaks and sprains throughout my soccer career.  


So Joel’s treatment this week was on my ankles.  His goal in the treatment was to allow more flexibility and range of motion in both ankels.  And low and behold….


I got a ton deeper a ton faster.  And remember…that improvement came from ONE WEEK and ONLY ONE TREATMENT!  I’ll be visiting Joel 2 times a week from now til Regionals (5 weeks)  I can’t wait to see what other improvements he’s going to pull out of me.  He’s definitely helping my body work more efficiently. 

Today’s WOD:
200m run – 21 kb swings (45lb) – 21 ball slams (15lb)
500m run – 15 kb swings – 15 ball slams
750m run – 9 kb swings – 9 ball slams
500m run – 15 kb swings – 15 ball slams
200 m run – 21 kb swings – 21 ball slams

I was on pace for a sub 15, but my back cramped on me during that last 200m run.  I’m definitely working on increasing my lower back strength.  Work on your weakness right…..(I know I’m supposed to be exciting about that, but working your weaknesses sucks!)