Double PR Day!

Ok, so today was the third day in my 3 on 1 off schedule meaning, heavy.  On today’s plate, a  5×5 in overhead squats and a 1×5 of front squats.  The last time I had tested my ohs was in December and I had gotten 125lbs once, and that was on after two failed attempts.  Today I put up 115 5x’s and it felt pretty damn good. HELL YEAH PR!  I had put up 10lbs less than my 1 rep max 5 times. I have NO doubt that I can safely and securely increase my 1 rep max. 

Feeling awesome about that I moved onto the front squat starting at 135lbs.  The last time I did a 1 rep max  was March 21, just a few weeks prior, and landed a 165lb.  That was a PR at the time.  As I begin adding weight, I’m dropping down and popping up all the way through 175lbs!  ANOTHER PR!  I had gained 10lbs in just about 2 weeks.  NOW THAT’S A GOOD DAY!

How did I make such gains in just 12 weeks?

  1. Diet – Paleo Zone
  2. 3 on 1 off (since Jan. 1)
  3. Advocare

Not only did I do the above items, I’ve done them CONSISTENTLY since January 1.

My MAT work with Joel Woods has done more than just getting my joints to function properly, it’s gotten me to begin thinking about what my body is really doing when I’m woding.  My body awareness is heightened and my desire to fix the function of all of my joints I videotaped today’s lifts.  An interesting thing happened.  I caught flaws! I found my knees caving in a little, I found my midline isn’t consistent, my weight distribution is off balance, etc.

Two weeks ago I wouldn’t have even thought about it.  I would have been excited about my PR’s and moved on, but now I’m happy with my PR’s and am excited about working on the flaws to increase my PR’s even more.  Body awareness when you  start figuring it out is really amazing.  I didn’t need a coach to correct my form, I could review the footage, find the flaws and cue myself.  Thanks Joel for creating a monster that’s now obsessed with every muscle twitch and joint movement. Ha!

Today’s WOD:

5×5 Over Head Squat
5-115 (see video here) The best part of this video is that I thought it was turned off, and it wasn’t, but you see my getty up coaching at the end.  One of our members was doing Nicole.  A wod that is rounds for 20 min.  He completed a round with 1 min left, so he said he was done….I had something else in mind…go run!  ha!  You can acutally hear him say “I hate you” as he runs back out the door.

1×5 Front Squat
5-175 (see video here)

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