Want to join me for a big bag of suck?

This is literally the text I sent to Jillian and Wayne yesterday afternoon, and I couldn’t believe it, they both accepted.  This just confirms that CrossFitters are truly crazy.  What other sport or activity do you accept an invitation to an event when you know it’s going to suck in every sense of the word?

So at 7am, Wayne, Jillian, Adam (who came in for a 6:30 wod and got volunteered to wod with us) and I gather around the white board where Bill begins to write down what we’ll be doing.  But before he begins writing he warns us that the ‘bag of suck’ has now turned into a ‘big pot of suck that’s been brewing all night”…..AWESEOME!

Today’s WOD: 

Again I ask….what other activity do you accept an initiation to an event when you know it’s going to suck in every sense of the word?

So we all get our appropriate weights based on our 1rpm’s .  Bill prepares to give us the countdown and drops yet another bomb on us…..There’s a 15min cap and anyone that doesn’t make that gets a 3000m row penalty.  As if it weren’t bad enough, now I’ve got a time cap? 3…2…1..GO!  I hit the ground blazing….BAD IDEA…I had to do this 6 more times.  By the third round those burpee box jumps that were perfectly timed are much slower, but still consistent.   

I look at Bill and drop “5 round would have been perfect!”  As if he’s going to suddenly go “OK”  I should have known better.  The clock hits 14min going into my last round of burpee box jumps, and all I can think is FUUUUUUU*K I’m going to have to row.  I soldier though and finish the wod in 15:42.  Only to find out afterwards that there was NEVER any time cap, Bill just wanted me to think there was.  Well played Bill….well played!