Less Talking…More Working….

I almost fell on the floor laughing when Chris removed his sweatshirt only to reveal a “Less talking more working” shirt.  Apparently I say this alot…..It’s kind of my fall back phrase in the mornings, but it’s not my fault, they make me do it…hahahaha….

I understand that there is a social aspect to the crossfit community, and I certainly don’t want to discourage that, but , my job as a coach is to help our members reach new goals, push farther and move more weight.  How can they do that if they’re chit chatting during a wod?


The whole basis of CF is that you’re working at such a high intensity you can sustain it.  If you’re working at that level (which you should be) the last thing you can think about is having a casual conversation.  I know the only words that come out of my mouth during a wod are made up 4 letters and start with ‘the big F” or “the big S”.  The next time you’re chatting during a wod….CHECK YOURSELF….empower the inner Killer and think… LESS TALKING…MORE WORKING…

Today’s WOD:
5×5 Back Squat
6-185, ok….not quite 5…I got stuck at the bottom of the 4th rep. 

My hips were just done for the day. I pretty sure I’m still feeling the bazillion squats I did at the oly cert.

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