So today is a rest day aka…skill work day.  Today I worked on the Burgner warm-up and skill transfers, and just for fun I thought I’d try some handstand pushups and HOLY CRAP!  I got 7…yes 7 in a row…head to ground full lock out at the top.  HELLS YEAH!  It was the first time I’ve ever strung more than 1 in a row.  I could only get 5ish when I got around to capturing it on video. (see video here)

How did I get there?  Using the Jeff Tucker “Extreme Range of Motion” approach.  I have been doing assisted EROM HSPU’s almost every day for a month as part of my warm-up.  The normal range of motion for a Handstand Pushup is head to ground, doing them on a set of paralletes allowed me to make that range of motion ‘extreme’.  Meaning my head was getting past ‘ground level’. (see video here)

I practiced these assisted HSPU’s feeling like a big whimp for using assistance, but I put my faith in the fact that working it a little everyday would pay off, and boy was I right.  I want to do HSPU’s all day.  I almost ran into the CEO’s office to show him my new skill, but I thought that would be a bit much, so I did a happy dance instead.  Literally, I did a dance in his office instead. He got a kick out of it.

So pick a skill, something you think you’ll NEVER be able to do, and chip away at it every day.  One day you’ll get it, and when that day comes…..I want to hear about it.  I want to do the happy dance with you.

Today’s WOD: Rest…aka….skill work

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