I lost control….

This past weekend we had a triple wod Saturday at CFClevleand in preparation for Regional’s in May, and boy oh boy was it a good test.  I realized 2 things; I need to eat more between wods and I need to continue to improve controlling my mind.  The third wod tore me down.  I lost control of my mind, I felt the pain and it consumed me.  I needed to focus on each rep…one rep at a time….not the 9 I had left.  I tried stomping my feet, a coupe good belly scream, anything to get through.  I knew I had lost control and I was on the verge of tears.  I couldn’t believe it, after all these months of intense training and I had lost control.  Something that I definitely needed to happen. 

Yes, I’ve been crossfitting for 3 years.  Yes I qualified for Regional’s.  And yes…I lost control of my mind.  I can’t have every day be a  ‘on day’ and that’s ok.  It sucks when it happens, but it brings you back to earth and shows you how much you still have to learn and improve on.  I’m that much more aware of it, and the next time I feel like I have nothing left to give, I’ll know to slow down, breath and take it one rep at a time.

WOD 1:  1-10-1
1x Pull-ups: 1….2…3…4…10…3…2…1…100 total
2x Pushups: 2..4..6..8..20…6…4…2… 200 total
3x Squats: 3…6..9..12…30…9…6…3… 300 total

WOD 2: 3.2 mile run with a big ass hill at mile 2

WOD 3:
10- 1 arm deadlifts
10- pushups on the bar
10 – sdhp
10 – thrusters
All at 75lbs: rounds for 12 minutes