No one’s safe….

From the Chris’ that is.  They rolled in at 5am per usual, and they had another surprise up their sleeve.  A t-shirt….but not for them, for ME!  I now own my very own “Less Talking More Working” Shirt, and it fits perfectly!  I loved it so much I had to put it right on.  THANKS GUYS!

Today’s WOD:
Death by Dead Hangs
On the minute do 1 dead hang pullup (NO KIP) adding one pullup every minute until you can’t beat the previous minute for 30 minutes.  Example; if you do 10 dead hang pull-ups in the 10th minute and only get 8 in the next minute, return back to 1 and start climbing back up.
6, failed with only 5 in the 7th minute
5, failed with only 3 in the 13th min
Took a full minute rest….my arms were dead
5, failed with only 4 in the 25th minute
82 total dead hang pull-ups

NOTE:  At February’s Gymnastics Cert I only had 1…yes 1 dead hang pullup…today 82!?!?!?  I’ll take it!

7 thoughts on “No one’s safe….

  1. Hi Kate,
    I was wondering if you did any specific drills or skill transfer exercises in order to increase your dead hang pull up since February as you did for muscle ups and handstand push ups?

    I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for posting!

  2. I sure did some skill transfer work. I threw a band around the bar and did assisted dead hang pullups in my warmup everyday for the month of March. 30 of them. I felt like a big sissy using a band, but boy has it paid off.

  3. Did you switch to a smaller band each week as you were stronger or did you stick with the same band color throughout the month?

    I can do about 4-5 unassisted right now. Would you recommend starting with blue or red to start?

  4. We don’t have colored bands, we just have large trucking rubber bands. We add or remove the number of bands based on how much assitance you need. I used 1 rubber band, and still do to this day to allow me to really work the full range of motion doing 10-12 per set. I would reccommned picking a band that you can do 10-12 good dead hangs, pausing at the bottom to kill all momentum. If there’s an easier band, switch when 10-12 are easy for you.

  5. Thanks Kate. I’m going to try this. I know what you mean about needing to check the ego and go back to assistance. Having the kipping pull up down pat doesn’t necessary translate to more dead hangs. I previously thought the best way to practice was to do the actual movements themselves without assistance, but you’ve clearly proven that the best way is to go back to the basics and keep working it until you see gains.

    I’m curious also about your recommendation…For those people that cannot do a true kipping pull up or a dead hang unassisted and use bands during a normal WOD, do you allow them to do a kipping motion w/bands or only allow dead hangs w/bands.

    Thanks for answering my questions. That is the last one.

  6. No problem, I’m happy to answer questions. I let people kip with a band, but I wouldn’t say it’s a full kipping pull up. It’s hard to do a full kip and keep the tension on the band. I would call it a hybrid between kipping and dead hang.

  7. I agree it is a hybrid and doesn’t always look pretty. I still encourage dead hangs with the bands for greater gains w/o the crazy looking kips.

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