First dates are the pits

We’ve all been on them….first dates….especially when you’re scared sh*tless to go.
You’re palms sweat, your heart beats, you start trying to think of excuses to leave, maybe I have to wash my hair etc.  But then you realize that if it’s horrible you never have to go again, and maybe you should go in with an open mind even knowing it awkward and uncomfortable.

That describes this morning.  I had my first date with ‘Nate’ and boy oh boy was I scared.  Muscle ups, and hand stand push ups in the same wod and for 20 minutes….EEEKKKKKK!!!!! 

I delay enough then 3….2…1…GO!  and holy crap!  I got through my first round in 54 seconds.  Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.  And the reality quickly set in by the fourth round.  20 minutes is a long as* time.  My last 3 rounds of hspu’s weren’t all that pretty, and I’m pretty sure a rep or two may have been questionable at best.  I don’t know how to kip a handstand pushup and my legs started to pull away from the wall as I was locking out at the top, but most of them were spot on. 

I had a GREAT first date with ‘Nate’  of all of the rounds I completed I only missed 1 muscle up, and it was my last one.  My hand stand pushups have done a complete 180 from zero to ‘Nate’ and sadly, the 55lbs kb swings were a break.  Is that normal that heavy kb swings are the break?

Today’s WOD:
2 muscle ups
4 handstand pushups
8 kb swings (55lbs)
9 rounds + 2 hspu’s