CrossFit + Advocare = a perfect marriage

So January 1 I committed to a couple of things;  3-on-1 off, paleo zone and Advocare.  I have always been skeptical of supplements, but if it’s good enough for the Bergner’s it’s gotta be good enough for me.

I decided I was going to jump in with both feet and after only 30 days I saw huge results. (before photo: January 1, after photo: February 1)

I have made HUGE gains in the past 4 months, below are some examples;
OHS: 125×1 to 115×5
Back Squat: 175×1 to 205×2
Front Squat: 155×1 to 175×3
Dead Hang Pullups: 0 to 8
Handstand Pushups: 0 to 7

Kip Marlow (member at CFCleveland) asked me if I was happy with Advocare….and my answer…YES…YES..AND YES….

He then asked a very interesting question: Could you have made the gains you’ve made without Advocare?

And I really had to think about my answer and I decided; Yes, but not in 4 months.  Now I’m not saying that Advocare is the magic bullet, I also increased my intensity, committed to a 3-on-1 off, and a paleo zone, but I do believe that Advocare took my efforts and intensified them.

 See what I take on a daily basis here

Today’s WOD:
5×3 Back Squat
5-205 (PR weight, and failed on the third rep)

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