Making Advocare Affordable for CrossFitters

So once I made the decision to use Advocare I needed to figure out how I was going to afford it based on the regiment I wanted to take, and holy crap….I can’t afford that!  Become and an Advisor and save 40% on all your products.  Below breaks down the consumer vs. Advisor costs for a full Advocare regiment.

  Average supply (days) Cost Cost per serving Advisor Cost Advisor Cost per serving
Meal Replacement 14 $39.95 $2.85 $23.97 $1.71
Night Time Recovery 20 $22.50 $1.12 $13.50 $0.68
O2Gold 30 $38.50 $1.28 $23.10 $0.77
Catalyst 30 $31.50 $1.05 $18.90 $0.63
Arginine Extreme 40 $61.95 $1.55 $37.17 $0.93
Spark 42 $51.95 $1.24 $31.17 $0.74
ThermoPlus 45 $31.95 $0.71 $19.17 $0.43
Post Workout Recovery 50 $75.95 $3.01 $45.57 $1.82
Rehydrate 70 $51.95 $0.75 $33.17 $0.47
Total   $406.20 $13.56 $245.72 $8.18
Cost Per day $8.18        
Cost Per Month (30 days) $245.40        
Cost Per Year (12 months) $2,944.80        

Still think it’s too expensive?

Let’s think about that $8.18 per day
How often do you eat lunch per week?  Let’s say you eat out Mon-Fri 
Average cost to eat lunch out during the week is $12.00/day 
Average cost to pack a lunch is $3.50/day  
Difference of $8.50
Start packing your lunch and you’ll cover the cost of Advocare + make $0.32 cents per day

Still not convinced?

Let’s talk about that $245.72 per month
The average American spends $487 per month on clothing &electronics
Cost per day for new clothes & electronics: $16.23 per day
Cut your monthly shopping in half and you’ll cover your Advocare costs

Still not sure?
Let’s talk about that $2944.80 per year
Average yearly cost of healthcare is $7,681 or $640 per month before prescriptions
Average yearly cost of prescription drugs is $1,500.00 per year
Get healthy = no prescription meds = less healthcare visits = covering the cost of Advocare

Ok….so these are all numbers passed on national averages and I’m aware that they may not apply to everyone.  The key is to figure out what your goals are, and how much you’re willing to sacrifice to reach them.  For me personally $2,944.80/year or $250/month or $8.18/day is more than worth the investment to improve and maintain my health saving me thousands in health bills while improving my quality of life. Even if that means less eating out (which is better for you anyway) and less new shiny toys.

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