NO..I don’t want to see…I’m not looking…ok…Just a peak…CRAP


That’s pretty much the feeling that I get before every wod. I train ‘blind’, meaning I often don’t know my wod until I’m strapping on my boots at the gym. At that point there’s no turning around, no going back, you’ve been spotted.

And yesterday was no exception. As I looked at the wod all I could think was ‘you’ve got go be kidding right!?!?! That’s not going to happen”

Yesterday’s WOD:
5 Thrusters (105lbs)
5 Muscle Ups
5 rounds

I begin my warm up, practicing my muscle up transitions and lighter weight thrusters. I quickly get to the 105lbs and holy crap it feels heavy. I look at Bill at mutter “That’s going to get heavy fast” knowoing that it already was. His response…a devilish smirk as he walks on by. And all I can think is damnit, I guess I have to do it. And I did just that.

Everything was smooth sailing til the 3rd rep of Thruster in the 2nd round….CRACK! My stupid head didn’t get out of the way and I managed to smash 105lbs into my chin, chipped a tooth and bruised my pride, but no blood. Aka…no real reason to stop. So I get back on the horse and smash through like real trooper.

My only missed muscle up was the 4th muscle up in the last round. Every other rep was perfect, turnout at the bottom, full extension to full lockout at the top. Some had a little kipping help out of the dip, but I’ll take it. 4 months ago I wished I had a muscle up, and yesterday I did 25 mixed with in a wod. I had turned a fear into a weakness into a tool to add to the belt. YEAH HAPPY DANCE!

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