The Hike of DEATH

So this past weekend’s second WOD, 5k trail run.  And I call shenanigans on the trail run part; it was in all reality a hike of death.  The first mile and a half was all uphill, and anyone else that ran it knows I’m not lying.  The crazy part of it was that there wasn’t a whole lot of running going on; a lot of lunging and quick stepping, but not running.

And just to add some fun to it, the last extreme hill we got to throw a 20lb sandbag on our backs for 400m.  The only positive part of the hill was that people were lined up on both sides rooting everyone one.  I know at one point I heard someone hell, “just keep moving and don’t look up, so what do I do immediately….. 

I looked up and boy oh boy was that a mistake, I wasn’t even half way and my legs were screaming at me.  Thank god for the amazing members of CFCleveland that had come to support me.  I couldn’t have done it without them.  All I was able to mutter out to one of the members, Jillian, was walk with me.  Having her in my ear for the last 100m was a saving grace.  You have no idea how much it helps to have a calming voice in your ear saying , you can do it, one more step, you’re almost there. I had noticed that they were spread throughout the last hill, but didn’t think anything of it.  Later at dinner I found out that they had totally planned it out, now that’s awesome! They had strategically positioned themselves on the hill so that I was never once alone.   It litterally brought tears to my eyes that they had put that much thought into it.

My redeeming skill of that run was my down hill skills.  I have no brakes on the downhills, I have mastered the windmill and go.  The key is to keep calm and trust that your ankles and knees aren’t going to blow on you.  I passed 7 people on the last downhill to secure a 12th place finish with 23:37 and moving myself into 4th place overall heading into deadlifts.

I’ll give you a recap of that tomorrow.