How I publicly shamed my father

Heading into the second day of Regionals my body felt pretty damn good.  A little tight in my left hip, but after the day we had, I’ll take it!  I knew that chippers were horrible, there’s no denying that.  The great thing about chippers is that you can just pick a pace and put it on cruise control. 

Sunday’s first WOD:
50 box jumps 24”
40 kbswings 36lbs-top of bell fully to the sky
30 burpees jumping over sandbag
20 powerclean to front squat with sandbag (20lbs)
10 shoulder to overhead- 40lbs in each hand
20 powerclean to front squat with sandbag (20lbs)
30 burpees jumping over sandbag
40 kbswings 36lbs-top of bell fully to the sky
50 box jumps 24”
16:14 for 5th place

3..2…1..GO!  I focus on my own box and my own pace jumping up and stepping down each rep.  I figure if I jump up and down I’ll burn out and need to rest, but jumping up and stepping down allowed me to complete the reps unbroken.

On to the KB swings.  I knew the standard was bottom of the bell 100% to the sky and my goal was to have every rep be a perfect rep and I did just that.  On to the burpees over the bag.  I had talked to a few of the affiliate team members who had the privilege of doing these on Friday, and they all said they were much harder than straight burpees.  And while I found them involving more thought process with the jump, I didn’t nearly as winded as I thought I would.

Onto the power clean front squats with the sand bag.  I got into t a nice rhythm and started chipping away at them.  My only goal at this point was to NOT put it down.  It’s only 20lbs there’s no excuse for that.  I did take a few short breaks to breath, but I never put it down.

The dreaded 40lbs overhead.  The good news was that there were only 10.  I really wanted to do them straight through, but couldn’t catch the 6th one and had to drop.  I immediately got them back up and finished the last five.  The trick was to start your knee bend on the way down for the next press so there was no break. The 20 clean front squats is where I would breath.  I start chipping my way back up the ladder.  The burpees were more challenging on the way back up because my legs felt about 100lbs each.  Into the last set of KBSwings….got to 25 unbroken, took a break and then got to 35.  I had a brain fart and put it down and instantly thought ‘why the hell are you putting it down, you only have 5 more.”

It’s in my last set of box jumps that I managed to publicly shame my father. I pick a nice pace and stick with it. So you understand the set up, the boxes were immediately in front of the crowd control fence, and I mean immediately.  If I over jumped a rep I would have been in the crowd.  I had a good fan base directly in front of me, one of them being my father.  About half way through my last 50 all I can hear from the hundreds of screaming fans is my father yelling….”GO….GO….FASTER….GO KATE!

Kicking into father pushing, daughter trying to please mode and get angry.  Doesn’t he know how hard I’m working?  Doesn’t he know how hard I’m trying?  Maybe he should try this sh*t!  and variations of that run through my mind and without slowing my pace or missing a rep I point my finger at him and yell…”SHUT UP, YOU’RE NOT HELPING!”

I see 6 guys in front of me drop their jaws, eyes popping as they look down the fence to see who I was yelling at, and I knew I had gone too far.  Of course I groveled for forgiveness afterwards, and my dad has seen me in enough high pressure situations to know that it wasn’t personal, and we all laughed it out.  But it will forever be known as the day I publicly shamed my father.

Me and the rents….they’re the BEST!

One thought on “How I publicly shamed my father

  1. Hey Kate,

    Funny, but I feel a bit weird being such a fan–like one of those “crazies” who stalk celebrities! 😉 Somehow I think that you thinking you’re a celebrity probably makes you laugh.

    Nonetheless, I freaking admire you.

    Kate, I admire your balls, your attitude and the great role model you have become. You inspire me and countless other women.

    I own an affiliate, CrossFit Survival. At 45, I am fitter than I have EVER been. I never believe in all of the bullshit society tries to convince me of–namely that I’ll never be strong since I am “old”.

    I know you are quite a bit younger than I, but I also know that some of the strongest women I know (both mentally and physically) are older broads.

    Thanks for setting such a great example for us to follow.

    Thanks for leading the way.

    Thanks for letting us see you both in victory and in times of embarrassment (think “shaming the Dad”).

    You inspire me and the women whom I coach.

    As a way too skinny chick, I constantly try to convince the women whom I coach that they have an advantage in being a bit “bulkier” than me–in that their muscles have fuel to use to build muscle.

    I always try to counsel them that strong is WAY more beautiful than “skinny” and I cite the fact that Tanya Wagner weighed 145 at all of I think 5’3″.

    Anyway, thanks again! It really has helped me to push to the next level in being able to watch you do it.

    I just got my first 95# squat thrusters, and I see now what I must do if I expect to master the muscle up.

    I live in Los Angeles. I will definitely be at the GAMES.

    I’ll come yell for you and attempt to introduce myself.

    I hope you know my admiration is sincere.

    I’ll be there cheering for you all the way.

    Good luck, Kate! I hope you take this all the way.


    Shannon Franklin
    Level I
    Olympic Weightlifting
    CrossFit Certified Instructor

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