It’s not real until I’m standing on something holding a trophy

Those were literally the words that came out of my mouth as we all stand in pure shock and awe that I was really going to CA for the 2010 CrossFit Games.  I had come into the weekend wanting to finish in the top 20, seriously, that’s it. All weekend I couldn’t’ believe that I was jockeying between 4th and 5th place.  I was in the running and that was more than I had expected.  So to finish in third was mind-blowing.  Quite frankly, it still is.

I know I’ve worked hard.  I know I’ve cleaned up my diet.  I know I’ve been dedicated.  But so had the other 60 women fighting for the same 3 spots.  Still just nuts in my mind.  I’m not sure the reality of what I’ve done will sink in until I’m at the Home Depot Center hearing 3….2…1..GO!  And even then it may not sink in. 

For 3 years I’ve been following the CrossFit games, and for 3 years I’ve always admired the women that were strong enough to make it that level.  Thinking someday I aspire to be at that level. And now here I sit 3 years later one of those women. I am not only truly blessed and grateful for the opportunity to compete at The 2010 Games, but for all the amazing people that have impacted my life the last three years helping me achieve this goal.  I’ll be working my little tail feathers off these next two months to make you all proud.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney

2 thoughts on “It’s not real until I’m standing on something holding a trophy

  1. Kate, congrats lady, you deserve it!!! I wish I could be there this summer to cheer you on in person! Next year…we will both just have to plan on being there next year!

  2. i was nosing through your blog the other night reading about the progress you’ve made. huge congratulations, you really deserve it. you are a huge inspiration.

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