Who’s that?

Me, yes I know, scary but true.  For months now I’ve been telling people that I was a former fat kid, and no one believes me, so I found some ‘before pics’ to prove it.

What sparked the reform?  I went into my favorite store, The Express, and I didn’t fit into their size 12 pant.  HOLY CRAP!  I had gotten fat and no one told me.  I was going to have to shop at a big girl store!?!?!?!  NO way!  I had always been an athlete through college, what happened?

I graduated and stopped working out as hard, oh, and the diet was laughable.  Pizza a couple times per week, pastas, potatoes and of course let’s not leave out the booze.  Any who, keeping that diet, lowering my exercise routine had led me to gain 85lbs.  I knew things needed to change. 

I joined a gym, started making smarter decisions and lost about 25lbs. I knew I couldn’t do the rest on my own.  I had always been a part of a team, so I googled “fitness groups, Cleveland.” Thanks to Meetup.com I came across CrossFit Cleveland.  I didn’t know squat about CrossFit, but they offered free workouts every Saturday in the park around the corner. I waffled for a few weeks before pulling the trigger and heading to the park. 

Little did I know that an hour later my life would be changed FOREVER!  It wasn’t easy.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It happened one day at a time.  Everyday my feet hit the ground I was going to be the best Kate I could be and look what happened 3 years later; I’m down 85lbs, heading to The Games, Coaching at a CrossFit gym and loving every second of it.

Make a long term goal, but focus on the every day.  6months to a year from now don’t mean squat if you don’t make any progress today.  Be the best you you can be EVERYDAY, yes EVERYDAY.

Today’s WOD
9 snatch balance (65lb)
18 chest to bar pull-ups
4 rounds

One thought on “Who’s that?

  1. I added you on Facebook awhile back and I follow Crossfit Cleveland. I heard about your accomplishments and think they are great. But, it wasn’t until I read this particular blog to make me a real fan of Killer! I appreciate that you have opened up and shared about losing the weight. Losing and keeping off 85 lbs is no small feat. I am down 70 lbs and still have 100 more to go. I want some of your kick ass killerness to rub off on me. I better join Crossfit soon, I keep chickening out but at the same time seem so drawn to it. Good luck Kate!

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